Meet Clare

The Artist

Hi. I’m Clare. As a photographer of women since 2009, I have spent years working with my clients to develop a unique style of personal portraits – subtle enough to adorn your walls, timeless enough to produce a precious heirloom and with just a dash of daring to break through the ordinary!

My “Why”

I didn’t wake up one day and know that I wanted to be a women’s portrait photographer. I kind of fell into it. I was a wedding photographer and a bride asked me for a  pre-wedding shoot to get used to being in front of the camera… I watched her grow in confidence throughput the session… and I was hooked.  With each shoot I did I was overwhelmed by the responses I got: “Is it really me?” “How did you do that?” ” I look like a supermodel” ” I no longer want to change anything about myself” … and perhaps even more unforgettable than the words were my client’s smiles, their body language – the spring in their step and the glint in their eye. I do this job because I truly believe that every woman deserves to see how wonderful she is… wonderfully strong, wonderfully beautiful, wonderfully unique. I definitely see a transformation in my clients but if I find it hard to put this into words without cringing and feeling like I am in a TV commercial! So I would prefer it if you read about it from my clients over on my testimonials page. Women today have so many pressures – we have lives full of opportunities, responsibilities and ambitions – to do more in terms of our relationships, our families, our careers, our bodies… I think taking some time to simply appreciate who we are and what we have is very valuable.

Images of women, for women, by women

I’m a proud feminist. I believe in making images for you that you will love. I will bring out your strength and personality rather than asking you to role play male fantasies. Yes, you are still going to look feminine/sexy/alluring… but in a way that is true to who you are and represents a modern day woman. Of course, if you have a special someone in your life then your images can make an amazing gift and I sell a range of the most stunning, high end products to set off your images in the best way. But I shoot for YOU. To show YOU how amazing YOU are. (READ MORE ABOUT THIS HERE)

My Style

My portraiture has influences from fashion photography, boudoir photography, beauty images, classic portraiture, Renaissance nude paintings and every time I find a new favourite film a little piece of that styling/lighting/toning sneaks into my work. So my work doesn’t sit firmly in one category. I believe this makes my work unique. Additionally, we will usually produce a range of images – some more intimate and private, some glamourous and bold that might look great on your wall and some that are perfect for a stunning but safe social media profile image.
See me in action
I think it’s hard to imagine what a shoot with me will be like, so I made a video to show you. (Whilst your shoot may vary in terms of location, whether it is a group event or a private shoot, how it feels and how I direct and guide you for your shoot remains the same…)
Hear what my clients say…
I think my clients can give you a clearer picture of what a shoot means to them… check out their testimonials and stories here…
A bit more about me…
These two keep me busy
when I am not working
I lived in Zurich for three years and
photographed lots of lovely women there
I’m a lifelong lover of London 🙂


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